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What’s in the report?

Be the yacht Steel, GRP, FRP, Wood or Aluminum

We will provide you with a perceptive and concise condition report which is loose bound and approximately 20-30 pages long or presented as a secure PDF file.

Where required the report uses digital photographs to help illustrate a problem.

The report describes the condition of the hull and makes recommendations for any necessary remedial work. If requested we can provide a CD including an archive of all the photographs that were used as part of the survey.

We are confident that you will be impressed with the content of our surveys.

Should you wish to see a sample report we can send one directly to you.

Any faults are listed in order of importance at the end of the report so you know what action is required:
Item to which defect refers is a serious hazard. The vessel should not be used until the defect has been put right as a matter of immediacy.
The defect referred to should be attended to at the soonest possible moment. If left or used before rectification, the defect/system/vessel may become dangerous.
A defect not as serious as (D) or (U), but one that should not be left unattended to longer than the next planned maintenance opportunity.
A defect or shortcoming, which is not an immediate hazard or in need of priority attention, but needs taking note of, allowances made, and consideration given to rectification at next refit or out of season lay-up period.