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Tonnage Measurement / Registration

You may need to register your vessel with a flag state.

For example, in the United Kingdom a Pleasure Vessel or a Pleasure Vessel in Commercial Use would be registered under British Part I registration.

A wide range of persons and companies are eligible to apply:
The primary aim of registering under Part I is proof of title. As such, a marine mortgage can be attached to the registration. When purchasing a registered yacht, it is possible to buy a ‘Transcript of Registry’ for that yacht, designed to show the true owner(s) and whether there is any other registered interest. Tonnage measurement can be performed to put the boat on part 1 of the British Register. This work is done under the auspices of theYDSA, IIMS and MECAL.

  • British citizens
  • Citizens of an EU member state exercising their rights under articles 48 or 52 of the EU Treaty in the UK
  • British Dependant Territories citizens
  • British Overseas citizens
  • Companies incorporated in one of the EEA countries
  • Companies incorporated in any British overseas possession having their principal place of business in the UK or those possessions
  • European Economic Interest Groupings

We can measure for all Red Ensign States (Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, UK, Anguilla, BVI’s, Falklands, Guernsey, Jersey, Montserrat, St Helena, Turks & Caicos Islands).