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Super Yacht Survey

One of our specializations is Super yacht or Mega yacht Survey

Super or Mega Yachts

These Super yachts or Mega yachts generally have a LOA (length overall) in excess of 24m with a jump in style and construction around 40m LOA.

American yards will generally entitle their yachts Mega yacht rather than super yacht. With costs in excess of €100 million used or refurbished yachts will also fall into the same price bracket.

Super yachts are built of Steel, Aluminum, GRP/FRP or a mixture of materials.

Larger yards will build or part-build a super yacht “on spec” in the hope that a buyer materializes. Most will also enter into both part exchange and brokerage negotiations. Currently lead times at the yards are long due to high demand for a bespoke service.

Our consultants will look at every aspect of the clients’ requirements and conduct a “hand-holding” exercise, using a wealth of experience gained over many years.

Experience in the marine leisure business means we can take a client right through the buying process and build supervision to the final selection and the buying decision – the purchase of a Superyacht and/or a Mega yacht. We can also help bysupervising the refit of an existing vessel.
The sea trial is used to get a feel of the vessel, to see that all systems are working and to review the ship’s maintenance logs and operational procedures. It also gives the opportunity to identify any possible conflicting systems, vibrations, noise levels etc. During the period of sea trial all engine running parameters will be recorded utilizing the ship’s instrumentation. Generating sets will be run to maximum available load with voltage and frequency stability checked. Fire pumps will require witness testing as will all lifting and hydraulic systems.

This part of the survey would be performed with the ship’s engineer/skipper assuming they are available together with ships manuals. Oil samples can be taken from the engines and generating sets; these would be sent to a tribology laboratory for analysis. A review of interfaced communication and computer controlled systems as installed will be performed. It will include amongst others: winches, safety systems, gas installations, fuel installations, water systems, fire fighting and detection, air conditioning, electrical, hydraulic and bilge pumping systems.

This will include thrusters, shafting, bearings and propellers.
A full assessment will be made of hull and deck structures, non destructive testing will be used where appropriate. It will include the integrity of through hull and deck fittings and the accommodation outfit.
A loose bound or electronic report will be developed with extensive photographic archives. The report will describe the condition of the boat and will make recommendations where necessary for remedial work. The report will be acceptable to any underwriters or financial institutions that may have an interest in the vessel.

Super yacht / Mega yacht Work Scope






As a Fellow of the Institute of Marine Engineers Science and Technology Derek Levy has the highest UK Marine Engineering professional recognition which is of particular relevance in the survey and understanding of Superyachts and Megayachts.

As well as our experience of Super yachts and Mega yachts Derek also spent many years in offshore oil and gas vessel surveying which gives our team an excellent experience of the technologies and systems found on Super yachts.
We have been involved in a number of build and refit supervisions.

Super yacht or Mega yacht Build or Refit supervision

With such a bespoke project asa superyacht or megayacht having a surveyor visit the vessel at given intervals helps to ensure the time scale and build standard are kept too as well as giving an independent record of the build.

If we are involved in the build we will be able to develop and act upon the potential defects before the yacht even leaves the yard.

This gives the owner, crew and charters the minimum possible down time on delivery and allows the boat to be used as soon as possible on delivery with minimal risk of unseen problems developing.