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MCA Coding/Compliance Survey

Spheredawn is authorized to perform MCA compliance surveys.

We work principally with MECAL, YDSA and IIMS.

The harmonized code came into force in the summer 2004 and we are fully conversant with the changes.

The new code has been developed for vessels of up to 24m load line length engaged in commercial activities at sea carrying cargo and/or not more than 12 passengers, or providing a service in which neither cargo nor passengers are carried.

The code also applies to UK pilot boats of any size. It supersedes the old yellow, blue, brown and red codes.

The code has been developed to improve safety on small commercial vessels and work boats. It covers all aspects of the vessel from the way it was constructed, the equipment it carries, the area of operation and the qualifications of the persons who operate it.If you are unsure of what is involved in coding a vessel we would be happy to discuss this subject with you.

There are various financial incentives regarding tax if you own a coded boat.