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Southampton & Hythe

Southampton being at the head of the Solent is a regular yacht survey location for us and this area of the website concentrates on yacht survey needs in Southampton, on the River Itchen and in Hythe just across the River Test

As the Southampton area is local and regular for us we do not usually charge travelling expenses for marine and yacht surveys.

The top of Southampton or the top of Southampton water incorporates the end of the River Test and the River Itchen as they flow into the Solent.

In this area there are amongst the following marinas:
We can attend any of the above as well at the many smaller locations and moorings.
Most surveys require a lift of the hull for either sea trial (a lift in) or for inspection of the underwater hull. The alternative can be drying out which though technically possible in Southampton water we would not recommend in most cases.

  • Hythe Marina
  • Ocean Village Marina
  • Itchen Marina
  • Southampton Town Quay Marina
  • Shamrock Quay Marina
  • Kemp’s or Kemps Quay Marina
  • Saxon Wharf

Information about marine, yacht and boat surveys in Southampton and Hythe

The marinas listed above all have some kind of lifting faculty.

Though lifts are often organised through brokers for pre purchase surveys if this is not the case please contact us and we can give you further advice on how a survey may be undertaken in Southampton or Hythe.